Hey You, Nice to Meet You!

(Or my obnoxious way of saying I saw a Korean pear.)

When I decided to give Korean cuisine a try, my dilemma is where to find the ingredients. As you know, I am currently United Arab Emirates based and most of the spices that you can find in stores here are either exported from India or from neighboring Arab countries. Thus, the dilemma, where to find the ingredients?

And so the scavenger hunt for ingredients begins. With every dish that I want to try out, I make do with whatever I can find at the store that I frequent, substituting some Korean ingredients I need with products that are either produced from China or Thailand that thankfully they have. Of course it’s not as exact as it could be but it’s near enough so whatever. As I said, that would have to do and as I always believed, cooking is an experiment, you (the cook) figures out which ingredients go together, which combination is bad or good. The choices are endless. To infinity and beyond! (Go Buzz Lightyear, yes I got a bit carried away. :D) But you know, still, whenever I go to the store, I wish I could find the exact ingredient, especially the pear and the radish. Now, I’m definitely a believer (not the Justin Beiber kind of believer okay, I like Taeyang.)

Thursday is a great day for me because as I mentioned in one of my previous post, my off starts Thursday afternoon to Friday. These off days I mostly spend in the kitchen or maybe watch a drama most likely watch a drama, write try to write something, in that order (sounds boring right, but not really.) Spending time in the kitchen being the first in the order (I sort of like to list things, please excuse my hint of OCD) I make sure that I buy whatever it is that I would be needing for my pre-planned menu before I head home so as not to go out again (yup, I am lazy that way.) As I enter the hypermarket, I saw these:

PicMonkey Collage


You don’t have any idea how happy I was. I jumped up and down like a kid who got the most horde of gifts on Christmas day, I did high kicks and those cheerleader maneuvers (or at least I did those in my head, harhar) and I didn’t really mind the price. I got these:


my precious?!

Since I bought the pears, I replaced a dish from my pre-planned menu with Spicy Pork Barbecue, a dish that I have always wanted to try since I read about it (it looked so delicious and I know it could be just it was taken with a good quality camera but still, I was completely salivating looking at it. *drools*)

PicMonkey Collage1


It tastes awesome, the pear was worth its price. I still have one remaining (I used 2/3 of it for the dish and I ate the remaining part) and I’m thinking of using it sooner. I wonder if I’ll ever find the radish though, but who knows, I found the pear; so I know I’ll get to see the radish too.

Oh, and hey pear, it was nice to meet you!


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