Gypsy Prince

Lost and restless,

another sleepless night

of lonely thoughts

and total wondering.

Clouds are but whirling,

like the smoke filling her eyes.

Thoughts of the past,

makes her curl up and hide.

Wrapped and trapped,

existing, not living,

in a protected fortress,

built to seclude herself.

Then he came along,

enticing her that it was torture,

leaving her no choice but to give in.

It was a whirlwind,

rushing at a speed

more than uncontrollable,

there was nothing left

but to fall.

That, she did,

with restless abandon,

drowning in the turbulence

that he offers,

nonetheless short lived.

For he is a vagabond,

lacking the ability to stand still;

living a charming life of a gypsy prince.


7 comments on “Gypsy Prince

  1. I picked this poem as one of the three that won my poetry contest. I will make this official tomorrow night, but for now can you please email me at if you are interested in the “prize” of posting on my website as a contributor this weekend. We can work out dates and times once you email me. Again, thanks for taking part and great poem! -OM

  2. idiotwriter says:

    I could just see the story unfold as I read – just delicious. A fairy tale of sorts with a REAL and honest ending 😉
    Lovely poem – I enjoyed reading it very much – thank you~

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