That Question

She asks the same question everyday:

“Is this real or just a dream?”

Because although she feels his warmth,

Everything that’s happening is like a dream.

A dream that could change into a nightmare,

something that could break her, hurt her so,

and she wishes not to suffer once more,

what she had suffered a long time ago.

She doesn’t want to be mislead, by a similar radiant smile,

a smile that gave her sorrow that she bore for a long while.

She doesn’t wish to give her all, like she did when she fell,

Cause she’s afraid she’ll hear him say, “I told you not to fall.”

And so she asks the same question everyday,

And he realizing what she fears answered:

“No, this is not a dream; I am definitely for real,

and no I won’t mislead you, like he did with his pretty smile.”


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