Unattached Secret

I saw you —
From the corner of my eyes,
Staring intently at me.
And I was filled —
With a bazillion uncertainty.

A tentative smile for show,
A silly shaky handshake.
Yes, I know it showed,
By the way that my eyes glowed —
You got me, bad.

I stared at you.
A mistake and yet,
Something incredibly right,
Drowning in that deep eyes
And yet not wanting to be saved.

You held my hand,
It’s like everything stood still.
Like coming home —
After wandering forever,
And all was found — almost.

I let you wrap me in your arms.
Looking back, I think I shouldn’t had,
Cause now I feel like falling apart,
Not being there —
Not feeling your warmth.

We shared a passion,
I wanted love.
You wanted space to heal,
Some part that died — almost;
Or so I thought or it’s just me?

It’s just me, holding on,
When you gave everything;
To resist, to avoid falling for me.
And yet you want me:
But not as bad as I want you.

Could you imagine how cold it is,
Amidst the fire that you stirred,
In my very core and being?
Could you imagine how painful it is,
Holding you while resisting attachment?

But I know it can’t be done,
You being completely mine.
And I know it’s something,
That’s out of sight —
Cause I am just your secret; unattached.


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