7 Quick Takes: How I Spent My Holiday

As I’ve mentioned, I’m currently based in the United Arab Emirates, in a city a few hours away from Dubai (let’s put this as a reference since most people know of Dubai more than United Arab Emirates itself.) Now, as we all know, United Arab Emirates is one of the Muslim majority countries, thus, the Islam holidays are non-working days. Last October 14th and 15th is the Arafat Day and Eid Al Adha (I linked these to Wikipedia in case you are curious,) that being said, we were given four (I repeat, 4) days off. Isn’t that sweet? Here is how I spent it:

1. I watched random people play golf from the apartment’s balcony. Boring? Nope. It’s entertaining. I love the reactions of the players (sorry, I know it is mean but I just can’t help it, the facial reaction, the frustration, and the mini tantrum, ah!) I’m not gonna say it is hilarious, no, I won’t. 🙂


God is a great painter..


My view from the balcony..


Yes, that’s a palace, RAK Palace..

2. I cooked several dishes from my favorite food blog sites. (Check out my Blogroll if you’re interested to know, that is, if you are.)


in case you wanna try to make it..


my version of Kimchee Jjigae


find the recipe here..


my version of Rolled Egg


It’s kinda messy to eat, but nobody cared.. 😀

3. I started to write again and I do hope that I continue to. I feel bad that it’s been almost two years since I’ve last written something, such a shame. I’m not gonna promise though, just I’m going to give it my best shot to be more focused.

4. A holiday is not a holiday without some liquor. That’s a must and so I had some. 😀

5. I watched some of the series that I’ve downloaded and has been in my hard drive since I can’t remember. Just collecting my thoughts, I’m going to write what I think of them sooner.

6. I cleaned my laptop, in other words, I finally sorted out the trash in the closet. I can’t believe how many unnecessary files accumulated on my drive and it’s just been 6 months since I last cleaned it.

7. Last but not the least, I slept. I guess a good 14 hours straight. I was going for 24 hours but for some reason, I couldn’t do it. Well, I can try again some other time although I feel like I don’t have much of that lately.

On a different note, this is my current LSS:

Yep, that’s how I spent my holiday. Not too much but just enough for me.


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