When in Need of Inspiration

Lately, I feel like I drank a whole bottle of a potion I call drought of inspiration. Curious? It’s my obnoxious way of saying that I’m currently experiencing the unavoidable writer’s block. I feel like it’s been ages since I wrote something decent, or decent enough to my liking which is worrying me. Have I lost it? Have I gone numb or something? I really hope not.

That questions in my head was answered the other day the moment I watched Jun Sung Ahn’s latest video upload on Youtube.

The eye opening video. 0.0

The answer: I’m not that sad. It’s weird right, but that’s nothing but the truth. I’m one of those people who finds inspiration in sadness. I haven’t had any piece that is not sad, near sad or is brutal or flesh gnawing sad. And I haven’t been really sad lately, I’m more on the neutral sad and that hinders my writing productivity but watching this video, my initial reaction was, ah that song is sadder played on violin than the original. The lyrics in itself is already melancholic but the violin cover is a tragedy, that kind of sad.

And so here I am awaken from my stupor and is excitedly waiting for the ideas to flow out, Jun Sung Ahn’s cover of Wrecking Ball on the background, let’s be melancholic yet productive.


2 comments on “When in Need of Inspiration

  1. alexiaboland says:

    Great post! I agree, there is always hope in a desperate or a difficult situation, which is definitely something to use to push ourselves through.

  2. Erl says:

    Thanks for the inspiring comment. Exactly. I always welcome sadness cause that’s the only time that I get to be productive and write like mad.

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