What’s For Lunch?

I’ve always practically stayed on my own since College; well not really on my own because more often than not I  have a roommate, but more or less, I am on my own. That being said, it is but a given than I take care of everything that needs to be taken care of whether it’s food, laundry or bills and now it also includes my family, specially my youngest brother’s allowances. No complaints there though.

Now, being on your own pretty much makes you practically lose interest to cook, especially if you’re gonna eat on your own, that’s not fun because I’ve always believed that good food should be shared. Like the way my brothers and I would before I moved to the city to study. Back then, no matter how humble the food is, we always ate with gusto because we were together. I surely miss those days.

Moving back to the United Arab Emirates, I am once again faced with the same dilemma – should I cook or not? It’s just me anyways, should I cook or not? Should I just order take outs? And more often I find myself having a conversation with myself on why I should or should not cook. Bizarre? I’m nuts, I know. Or just plain lazy. Who cares?

That strike was broken by one question though: “what’s for lunch?” That’s the daily question during lunch break, what the h*ll am I going to have for lunch? Take outs solved that problem for a month or two but since the choices are limited (Indian and second grade Chinese food) I find myself looking up recipes online and making my way back to the kitchen. Since it is no fun to eat alone, why not try new dishes to pique my curious palate, does that makes sense? To me, yes!


Lunch yesterday.

I shared this with my roommate and she loved it! I got the recipe from Holly’s site only I replaced the bacon with seasoned minced chicken and the fried egg with salted egg. It turned out okay thank goodness, I might make it again.

My lunch today

The egg roll recipe is taken from Eugenie’s site while the spring roll is my very own recipe. 😀 The taste? Better than take outs! The price, cheaper too. Palate? Satisfied!

Next on the menu is Potato Salad and yes, I won’t be asking myself the same question for tomorrow because I already know what I’m going to have for lunch. How about you, what’s for lunch?



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