Busy Weekend..

I’m still somewhere between awake and asleep. It is always difficult to be back to work after just a day and a half worth of an off day specially if that off day is jam packed, which is the case for me. I think I went overboard this weekend, I broke the usual routine of being in bed with Binkie, my pink pig stuff toy, watch Korean dramas and practically just staying indoors during the off day duration. In short, I went out and stayed away from my bed and that is unusual.

I’m one of those people who has to work half day during Thursdays and take a whole day off on Fridays. I’m not sure if it is a privilege or what but nevertheless I am thankful because I get to take a break from work and that’s all that matters. Everyone needs a time out, plenty of it if possible.

Right, so why is my weekend jam packed? Let me make a quick recall.

1. I had my haircut. The moment the clock strikes two and the office is closed and all, I went to my favorite hairdresser for my much needed trim. It makes me laugh to think about how much my hairstyle has changed but then again, as I told my close friend, I am reinventing myself. Enough of the long and needs to be re-bonded every year hair, hello chic short bob.


Two days worth of lipstick. šŸ˜€

2. I spent two and a half (2 1/2) hours on a scavenger hunt of ingredients for some Korean dishes that I wanna try to make. Insane right? But absolutely true. Thankfully I found most of it so it’s worth it. I just so hope they don’t change the shelves next month, I’m not used to the new arrangement yet. Why oh why is Carrefour rearranging their shelves almost every month? I can’t keep up!

3. I did my laundry. Now that is a weekend must plus I pretty much just put my clothes in the machine, pour in some detergent, turn it on, walk away and wait for the machine to beep or as I always say: come and do your part, hang them, I’m not gonna do that for you too! (I know, I’m deranged and disturbed!)

4. I made some kimchee. As I mentioned, I’m currently obsessed with everything Korean: dramas, food, language, movies, songs, name it and most probably I’ve read about it or watched it. I even prepared a Korean rice dish on my birthday (my friends loved it!) which I found on the web thanks to google. And that discovery has made me find my way to the kitchen again. I asked myself, why don’t you try, it seems easy and the only challenge will be finding whatever it is that you’re gonna need?

With that in mind, I woke up really early (I mean earlier than the usual time that I wake up every weekend) and started my day with a cup of coffee and ingredient preparation. The recipe is something that I found in Holly’s site, my most frequented site lately. I’m thinking of making most of the recipes that she has posted, I might make it into a count down or something (let’s hope I keep the enthusiasm.) For starters, I made some kimchee.

Honestly, I was not confident that I’m gonna pull it off but in the end I did. It tasted good, although I had to cut out on the chili flakes cause my roommates are not really into spicy food, it still tasted awesome.


Clockwise: veggies for my kimchee dish, my 1st cup of coffee for the day, finished product.

5. I dyed my hair (or my roommate did!) I say vanity and life truly blooms at 30. The thing that I haven’t had the guts to do in my 20s, I’ve been doing it freely nowadays. And just to be true to myself, I love that I’m moving forward and it’s not too late, it never is.

Now that I listed the things that I did I kinda realize why I feel so tired. Either way, it was a fun and productive weekend, never mind if i didn’t get to drink the Soju that i bought, there’s always next week. šŸ˜€ I hope it get’s to be productive too.


Let’s try to stay awake until six pm, shall we?


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