Drowning in Tea, is it a Scandal?

I am currently under the weather, the desert winter is almost here and the change has triggered my sinusitis, ah my Achilles heel! I can withstand fever but this? Noooo, somebody save me please! It doesn’t help that I have to work and make dozens of phone calls to clients to confirm purchase orders and check collections. Great Mother, I’m so doomed!

During these times, I find myself being comforted by tea, yes tea, thank the heavens for tea! Doesn’t matter if it’s Earl Grey, English Breakfast, Chamomile, Spearmint or Black Tea as long as it has lots of honey and freshly squeezed lemon I’m all for it. It’s something that a Chinoy friend of mine advised me to drink whenever I’m this obnoxious and I never thought I’d find it not just useful but delightful as well. The introduction didn’t just help with the sickness but also made me fall in love with tea (though not as much as I love coffee.) Tea makes these times bearable, more than any medicine could.

Enough of tea and my uncomfortable nose (not to mention aching forehead and dropping eyes) I was greatly saddened by what I’ve seen on a Social Network site last night. The whole masses are feasting their eyes on a clip that is supposed to be for private viewing. And honestly, I do not understand the fuzz. If it was a regular citizen would there be so much of an uproar if ever they filmed themselves while being intimate with someone they love? I don’t think so. True they are famous in both the TV and Music Industry of my homeland but still, why does it always slip from the minds of the general public that they are also humans.

We, as human beings has things that we do in private that not even your closest friends nor your parents knows. There’s no need to broadcast, it’s private. Is that so difficult to understand? It was indeed unfortunate that the hard drive containing their private moments was stolen and has fallen into the hands of perverted people who does not understand and respect the meaning of privacy. I hope that the person gets captured and cured, for only mentally disturbed and envious people will raise such a ruckus to be noticed.

I hope that more people try to understand how the involved persons feel. I hope that they would realize that they also have dirt in them. And I hope as a fan that my other fellow fans would endure this ruckus and remain supportive of our Idol. Hang in there Chito Miranda, i hope that you find your comfort somewhere just like I’m finding mine on drowning in tea, from a fan somewhere in the United Arab Emirates desert.


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